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Brake Noise

Brakes should operate with minimal amount of noise. Excessive squeal, screech, groaning, grinding chatter or rattle means your brakes need attention. Probable Cause: Corrective Action: Too much lateral run out of rotor. Correct runout to manufacturers spec. Worn pads or linings. Replace with new pads or linings. Twisted brake shoe. Replace brake shoes. Weak or broken spring components. Replace with new springs. Drums out of round. Turn or replace drums. Loose wheel bearing. Adjust or 
The Importance of Brake Fluid. Why should you change your brake fluid? So, the reason is two fold. Firstly, the braking system has moving mechanical components. These components move past each other and wear. This wear leads to minute particles of debris in the clutch and braking fluid systems. This debris increases wear and can eventually cause sticking of seals and cylinders resulting in costly repairs. Secondly, and most importantly; Brake and clutch fluid is 
Our environment is changing every day, we are closely monitoring the advice from the federal and NSW Government around the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Performance Plus provides an essential service to our local community and whilst Stay-at-Home orders remain in place in Queanbeyan –  you are allowed to attend our workshop if you have a booking or need our services. This also applies to all our ACT clients – The Chief Health Officer has 
Our first month with B1G1 is in the bag! Thank you to all of our amazing clients 🙏 together, we have: 🌱 Planted 5 trees in Borneo to help save the orangutans 💧 Provided 33 days access to clean water 💡 Provided 30 days of solar lighting to underprivileged people in Kenya and India 🍊 Planted 2 tangerine trees for families in Malawi 🌲 Planted 3 forest trees to help restore the environment 🌲 Planted 
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