Give your car a brake

The Importance of Brake Fluid.

Why should you change your brake fluid?

So, the reason is two fold.

Firstly, the braking system has moving mechanical components.
These components move past each other and wear.
This wear leads to minute particles of debris in the clutch and braking fluid systems.
This debris increases wear and can eventually cause sticking of seals and cylinders resulting
in costly repairs.

Secondly, and most importantly;
Brake and clutch fluid is hygroscopic.
This means that it absorbs moisture by nature.
Brake fluid is created specifically to have anti-boil characteristics, lubrication properties and
corrosion inhibiting components.
As the water content builds up, all of these are compromised.
Most brake fluids don’t boil until over 300°c, but a simple addition of 4% water content can
lower this to only 150°c
At 8% water, the boiling point is the same as water and the other properties of the brake
fluid are lost altogether, resulting in brake failure at the drop of a hat.

4% moisture can occur in as little as 2 years in a well kept brake environment.

This is why we test and monitor braking systems at every service.
And why brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, regardless of how many kilometres
driven or how the fluid looks or tests.

We test the Brake Fluid in your car at every service to make sure your brakes stay at their
peak performance.

If you are unsure if you’re brake fluid has been tested or is ok, give us a call and book in for
an inspection.

Have a terrific Tuesday 🙂

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